Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Nomadic Gypsy-Bangles from the Boulder Tribe

Tibetan color inspiration.
I will be selling these at the Tribe Nawaar booth at Elevation in Golden CO.  The best belly dancers in the country will be there to teach like Rachel Brice and Mardi Love!*** You can check it out here:

You can check out Tribe Nawaar here:

This one (above) is my fav.  I have to hold myself back from keeping it for myself! The beads are pietersite and lotus seeds, some bone and rhinestones of course!

Rhinestones, antique bits and worn fabric.  Yes, that's a thimble.  

My "spiritual" bangle collection.  The beads include rose quartz and hematite.  The 4 beads to the far left have angles on them!  I adore those.  Plus the large lotus piece to the right.... 

I will have more from my "Boulder Tribe" collection to show soon.  The Boulder Tribe thing is supposed to be funny, btw. 



  1. Those are so lush, loving the thimble and patina butterfly, great job

  2. What a fabulous collection and your photographs capture the essence of your creativity so well. Good luck at the show. I'm sure these will be a hit.
    xoxo Kim

  3. Thank you sweet ladies for your lovely comments!

  4. Oh my gosh. Did you get those 'angel' beads from the shadow exchange box? If so, I stuck those in there, and they are a Virgin Mary (sort of guadalupe style) bead. I have lots more, too.

    1. Richelle, Yes, I did get those from the exchange. I love them! I thought they could be Mary but she had wings. If you have any more you want to part with, let me know :) We could trade!

  5. Now I'm second guessing the divinity of them--I'll have to look at them more closely. I would love to trade--I'll dig them out and let you know how many I've got. I'm guessing I've got about 25+ more.

  6. Loving your bangles!! I have to say that the only stack I've been able to make so far is staying with me. So I salute your willpower!