Sunday, April 29, 2012

Medicine "Doll" Workshop

This weekend I spent a wonderful day creating and healing with a group of women in a Medicine "Doll" Workshop.  We were instructed to look at it more as sculpture and that is exactly what I did!  Thank you Gail for hosting this amazing day and sharing your delicious studio!  

I named it "Devotion."  A wasp nest head...

....and rusty angel wings.  The shell is representing openness.  She stands on a cigar box....
...... wrapped with this gorgeous African (Ghana) fabric of eyes and mouths. ....
(UPDATE:  Those mouths are actually cowrie shells I'm told.  Which makes sense
because they look like cowrie shells!  Thank you Tami for setting me straight!) 

She came about rather quickly,
perhaps 20 minutes....
... the rest of the box took hours!

The open box....
My Sacred Heart of Sadness with straight pins and wire.   My journal pages from earlier in the workshop are wired to the heart.   This is the Catholic side.  It reminds me of what Trungpa Rinpoche  calls the tender heart of sadness.   An open heart means you feel vulnerable and tender.  It aches with sadness and compassion.

I was so focused and worked frantically during the workshop.  It was important
for me to finish it while I was there.  

The Buddhist side!  Prayer flags with something representing each energy.
The center Padma (red) represented by the Sacred Heart.  Padma is passionate
energy and the energy I relate to most.  Vajra (blue) represented by the antique eyeglasses.  They look sorta like Gandhi's glasses, yes?  I wanted a sword which is the traditional symbol of Vajra but I liked these representing compassionate clear and direct wisdom.   Ratna (yellow), representing abundance with a small copper vase.   Karma (green): Compassion in action.  I loved this running figure.  He looked like he was holding a scroll.  My buddhist name is Faith Turquoise Torch.... the torch part is holding the faith of the Dharma.  So that's what I liked about that little guy.  Finally, the Buddha flag (white) which is spaciousness.  The mirror representing self reflection and emptiness.

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Wrapped, Stacked & Layered Challenge

Thank you to Tracy for hosting this challenge!  You can view the details right here:

This is my entry!

I found these beautiful filler bangles that were the
perfect color and bling.

I handmade 6 of the bangles.  The beads are lotus seeds,
peitersite, bone and shell,
with an antique metal stamping of Jesus that was in
my Grandma's stash

A little added bling, pearls and an antique flower.   The turquoise color
came from a silk ripped fabric scrap.  It was the inspiration for the whole stack!

Thanks for taking a look!  Please check out the other entries here:

Craigslist and a New Bangle Set....I likey.

So for fun I made a necklace and posted it on Craigslist just to see what would happen.  It's been a week and no hits.  :(  Just a couple of scams.  Bummer.  But I love the necklace anyway.  Here's the listing:

I'd like to remove the clasp because it slips over the head.

This was one of several cross like skeleton keys that my partner
bought for me on a buying trip.  They were expensive but have such soul. 

I wrapped some fabric around the base. 

The back.  

More bangles... lovin' making the bangles stacks.  They are addictive I tell ya.  I'm posting one at a time because I'd never blog if I didn't!  It's hard to find the time.... but I'm home sick from work today.  So ta-dah... a blog entry!

Lot's-o-bling!  The colors and the extra rhinestone bangles make this set special.  I really love the antique, nomadic and sparkly juxtaposition.  I used white yarn on one bangle.  The rhinestones were all oxidized and turned slightly yellowish which gives it a vintage look without minimizing the bling.

How did that blue bead get in there?  

Saturday, April 14, 2012

*The New Look*

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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Give Away by Shipwreck Dandy!

This is exciting!  Beautiful bead giveaway by Shipwreck Dandy!  Check it out here:

Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Nomadic Gypsy-Bangles from the Boulder Tribe

Tibetan color inspiration.
I will be selling these at the Tribe Nawaar booth at Elevation in Golden CO.  The best belly dancers in the country will be there to teach like Rachel Brice and Mardi Love!*** You can check it out here:

You can check out Tribe Nawaar here:

This one (above) is my fav.  I have to hold myself back from keeping it for myself! The beads are pietersite and lotus seeds, some bone and rhinestones of course!

Rhinestones, antique bits and worn fabric.  Yes, that's a thimble.  

My "spiritual" bangle collection.  The beads include rose quartz and hematite.  The 4 beads to the far left have angles on them!  I adore those.  Plus the large lotus piece to the right.... 

I will have more from my "Boulder Tribe" collection to show soon.  The Boulder Tribe thing is supposed to be funny, btw.