Monday, March 12, 2012

New Kuchi Pendants on Etsy!

I've finally gotten a lot of the Tribal Kuchi pendants and such on my Etsy site.  Below is just a sample.  See the link below for more.

Thanks for stopping by!

Pakistani Coins: Assemblage Supplies, Tribal Belly Dance
Engraved Disk (C): Tribal Focal PieceSmall Kuchi Pendant: Tribal Belly Dance Accessories and Assemblage Jewelry SupplyEngraved Disk (A): Focal Piece, Jewelry Making, Tribal Belly DanceSmall Kuchi Pendant (1): Tribal Jewelry Assemblage SuppliesKuchi Pendant (2): Antique Silver, Tribal Belly Dance, Assemblage Jewelry SuppliesKuchi Pendant (3): Tribal Fusion, Belly Dance, Focal PieceTribal Kuchi Pendant (6): Focal Piece, Tribal Fusion Belly DanceTiny Kuchi Pendant:  Tribal Belly Dance, Assemblage Jewelry MakingKuchi Pendant (9): Tribal Belly Dance, Assemblage Jewelry SupplySmall Multi-Glittery Kuchi Pendant (17): Tribal Assemblage Jewelry SupplySmall Tribal Kuchi Pendant (18): Half Moon, Tribal Fusion Belly Dance, AssemblageKuchi Earrings or Pendant Pair (20): Tribal Fusion Belly Dance, AssemblageTribal Tassel: Afghani, Tribal Belly Dance, Assemblage Jewelry SupplyKuchi Pendant (19): Tribal Belly Dance, Focal PieceHorned Kuchi Pendant (22): Focal Piece, Nomadic, FolklorishTribal Coin Kuchi Pendant (24): Afghani, Nomadic, Tribal Belly Dance CostumingKuchi Pendant Barrette:  Tribal Belly Dance, Tribal Hair Accessory, Assemblage Jewelry SupplyTriangular Tribal Kuchi Pendant: Belly Dancer Costuming, Assemblage Jewelry, FocalKuchi Pendant (30): Tribal Belly Dance, ATS, Assemblage Jewelry SupplyKuchi Earrings or Pendant Pair (21): American Tribal Style Belly Dance, Assemblage Supply

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