Monday, February 13, 2012

Supply Porn - Kuchi Pendants

I got that crazy term from my fav bloggin' lady Fanciful Devices.  She's a riot.

Sooo check out my new stash.  Hundreds of pendants!  Below is just a sample and they are very inexpensive.  Most are under $20.  If anyone is interested feel free to email me.

Below, are a sampling of shapes, sizes and colors.  I'll take requests...for example, if you like the round pendants but with only red bling or really long dangly bits or whatever, I'll figure out what we have and send you photos to pick.

This one is amazingly huge!

Square Pendants!

Sorry for the blur!

Kuchi pendant with a loop.  Super long dangles. 

Tiny ones.

This can actually be worn as a barrette.  

Again, sorry for the blur.

Look at the detail on the tassels. 

Amazing piece.  Not quite Kuchi but came with the stash.

More like that... oooh!  I love these!
How cool is the material left on this one?  Maybe it fell off
a caravan in an ancient times...

These fabric tassels are crazy long and can be
taken apart.

Eyeball pendant.  The only one. 

Gorgeous tassels. 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

"Shrine" Assemblage Piece

What I love about this piece is the simplicity of it and how it came together so easily. Two women... appearing to be a mirror image wash each others feet. The setting is actually the back of a frame, torn open. The background is dirty glass. I love the juxtaposition of the women washing each other in the midst of a shabby exterior... suggesting the "shrine" is in their actions.

The women are made of shrink plastic.  The butterfly is wood.  The text is paper.  All of the pieces including the text hover over the glass.