Thursday, April 19, 2012

Craigslist and a New Bangle Set....I likey.

So for fun I made a necklace and posted it on Craigslist just to see what would happen.  It's been a week and no hits.  :(  Just a couple of scams.  Bummer.  But I love the necklace anyway.  Here's the listing:

I'd like to remove the clasp because it slips over the head.

This was one of several cross like skeleton keys that my partner
bought for me on a buying trip.  They were expensive but have such soul. 

I wrapped some fabric around the base. 

The back.  

More bangles... lovin' making the bangles stacks.  They are addictive I tell ya.  I'm posting one at a time because I'd never blog if I didn't!  It's hard to find the time.... but I'm home sick from work today.  So ta-dah... a blog entry!

Lot's-o-bling!  The colors and the extra rhinestone bangles make this set special.  I really love the antique, nomadic and sparkly juxtaposition.  I used white yarn on one bangle.  The rhinestones were all oxidized and turned slightly yellowish which gives it a vintage look without minimizing the bling.

How did that blue bead get in there?  

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